"..."Raildogs" is one of the best adventurous books I’ve read, it held my attention non-stop. The story line is excellent, very exciting and fast paced. The characters are carefully crafted and the writing style is brilliant. The pages were moving so fast in anticipation of the next chapter, I could barely keep up. Awe-inspiring… is the true word to describe it. Thumbs up to Rejean Giguere for such a mind blowing read..."

"...Giguere fans have come to expect a fast-paced and suspenseful read from his books, and Raildogs certainly doesn't disappoint..."

Jackfish Reborn


"...Well written thriller with a solid sense of place. I liked the fast pace of the action tempered with good character development of the main characters. Background history of the characters was well handled and merged smoothly into the present day action. The background gave depth and realism to the action, even engendering some sympathy for the 'bad' guys as they lived out their destiny..."

"...If I could write a book it would end up being exactly like this one. Jackfish Reborn is everything, and more, that I look for in a good adventure/action story..."



"...This book contains loads of good action, characters that continue improving to the end, and the cliffhanger is quite possibly the best for this sort of genre I could have imagined..."

"...This fast-paced novel held my attention to the point that I finished it in just two sittings..."

Franklin Asylum

"...Through most of the book as the story unfolds, you think you can see where the plot is leading, but the author fiendishly wallops you at the end with a series of surprises..."

"...I have read through twice and enjoyed it just as much the second time around..."

"...I couldn't stop reading !! Love the the way the aurthor wrote and ended this story :) 2 thumbs up..."

Merlin 444

"...The dog fights are particularly intense, and the author’s straight forward style suits this sort of action..."

"...Before I knew it the book was over. I couldn't help but wonder where the time had gone. The book has all the makings of a manly man book. Fast cars, war planes, action and even a little romance..."


"... Hang on! That's all the advice you need for this one. Right out of the box, the author has you by the throat and the absolutely brutal reality of what the protagonist must do...no, must become, keeps you on the edge of your seat in this powerful thriller..."

"...DreamWeaver was an exceptional story, by one of the most talented new writers I have encountered in years. Highly recommended... just don't read it right before bedtime!..."

" Rejean Giguere has created an unforgettable page turner with DreamWeaver. DreamWeaver maintains an atmosphere of menace throughout its pages, bringing with it a high level of intensity..."