New Release

Mauwee Nibi - Crying Water

Every year more and more of Canada’s Indigenous
Women go missing. Every year some of them turn
up dead, and some never turn up at all. What is
happening to them?

Rookie Billy Simon isn’t sure he likes the first
assignment he’s been handed. He joined the RCMP
to escape life on the reserve north of Thunder Bay,
not to spend his new career looking into ‘Indian
Issues’. Now his commander wants him to go
undercover on a freighter sailing the Great Lakes,
looking for clues to Canada’s missing Indigenous

Shy and quiet, eighteen-year old Shanya Marin let
herself be talked into leaving the reserve to celebrate
her birthday with friends in the city. Now she’s in deep trouble, locked in a dark storeroom on a heaving boat headed in an unknown direction. She has nothing and no-one to rely on, except for her own inner resources and the lessons in the Aboriginal tales her mother had taught her over the years.

Every day the huge steel freighters slide silently across Lake Superior, through the locks at Sault Saint Marie, and south into Canadian and American ports. They carry iron ore, coal, salt, and grain. And they carry much more. So many ships, so many ports. Can one Rookie cop figure out what is going on?